A Minimalist Packing Guide: the Only 9 Items You Need in a Carry On

A Minimalist Packing Guide: the Only 9 Items You Need in a Carry On

Deciding what to bring on a flight can be as intimidating as a calculus problem. Airline weight restrictions are variable, it is crucial to follow liquid limitations, oh and don’t forget your passport! Minimalist packing means only bringing the basics so you have an easier time at the airport as well as peace of mind – you don’t need that much. Here’s the few strategic items you can’t live without.

1. Phone Charger (and phone)

It’s important to have a charger with you in case your phone loses charge from overuse or even temperature change. Streaming Netflix episodes or even listening to music can drain phone charge quickly.

2. Headphones

Important for in-flight entertainment as well as to drown out crying kiddos and snoring folks.

3. Water Bottle

Remember to hydrate – this will keep your immune system strong in the bacteria-filled plane environment in addition to the very dry environment on long haul flights.

4. Toiletries: Toothbrush, Toothpaste (mini), Deodorant (mini)

Keep yourself feeling your best by brushing your teeth and smelling nice! The little things make all the difference when you’re in a plane for 10 hours or stuck in the airport after a long layover or unexpected delay. This is a must, even for minimalist packing!

5. Snacks

Long layovers and mediocre airplane food make snack packing a necessity – keep your body functioning optimally by fueling yourself with delicious nutritious snacks like a plant-based protein bar, nuts and seeds, or even a sandwich (most airports will let you take fresh foods from home onto the plane). And airport food is expensive.

6. Sweater

Airplanes and airports are notoriously chilly so make sure to pack an extra layer to stay comfortable.

7. A Book (or entertainment)

Entertain your mind instead of watching 8 hours of TV shows by bringing a book you will really enjoy. Watch a few hours and then switch to reading – you’ll feel more refreshed when you step off the plane.

8. Wallet, Passport, Boarding Pass

This is a no-brainer – valuables like credit cards, medical insurance, and cash should always be carried with you. And you can’t board an international flight without a passport so make sure to not leave home without it.

9. Any Expensive Items You Don’t Want to Lose

It’s rare, but occasionally checked luggage can be lost. Always have any items you don’t want to part with in your carry-on whether that be notebooks, meaningful photographs, expensive jewelry, or your favorite rainbow kitty socks.

Pack light and enjoy your flight!

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