7 Travel Journal Ideas For Every Day Of The Week

7 Travel Journal Ideas For Every Day Of The Week

Why do we write?

I’ve recently come to love writing. I like to write down thoughts, goals, things I’m grateful for, and even to-do lists!

Some people write for their work or for enjoyment. Others think they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

I enjoy writing most when I’m traveling. Being away from home motivates me to write down my thoughts and experiences. I worry that the memories will blend together unless I take a few minutes every day to jot them down.

What is travel journaling?

Travel journaling is the process of documenting your travels. It can take the form of a scrapbook, a collection of stories, or an itinerary of how you spend your days. A travel journal is a place where you can write about your trips and what you learned and experienced along the way. It helps me travel more consciously.

What should I write about?

Over time, my writing can start to feel monotonous or uninspired. Sometimes I don’t know what to write about anymore. On my 53rd day of traveling, sitting down to write isn’t quite as exciting as when I was writing at 30,000 feet on Day 1.

On the other hand, having a coffee next to me always makes me want to write! This small gesture makes a big difference between having a writing routine and forgetting about it. 

These 7 travel journal ideas will sprinkle some creativity into your writing. Instead of noting what you had for breakfast or what museum you went to today, try one of these prompts!

1.     Journal about something unexpected that happened today

Did you learn a new word in a local language or a cool fact about the place you’re in? Write down something that surprised you. 

2.     What made you laugh today?

Write about something that made you smile or laugh.

two women standing on top of white car

3.     Write a letter describing your day with your 5 senses

What did you taste, smell, hear, see and feel? Maybe you walked through an outdoor market that smelled of fresh produce, or a public park that smelled like flowers.

ripe bananas and mangoes at fruit stand

4.     What are 3 things you are grateful for?

1. Something simple that’s close by (a hot coffee, your computer, etc).
2. A person or relationship (the support of a family member, a close friendship, etc). 
3. An experience or memory (from your day, your travels in general, something unexpected, etc).

two books of poetry and cup of tea and flowers

5.     If it were 2100, what might your day have looked like?

What would be similar or different? How would you be getting around? What might you have with you? Would you even be here?

old fashioned train

6.     Write a letter to a friend or family member back home.

Writing is your only form of communication (no texting or emails, etc). What do you want them to know about your travels?

handwritten letters tied with string

7.     If you were completely fearless, how would you day have been different?

Think about a moment where you hesitated, maybe  an opportunity that passed you by. Would you have struck up a conversation with that nice-looking couple at your hostel? Would you have tasted that squid? Reflect on what made you hesitate and how you would approach the situation a second time.

I hope my travel journal ideas will spark some creativity within you the next time you write. These prompts get my mental energy moving so that the writing feels great and not like a chore!

Do you like to write about your travels? 

Keep exploring,


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