Hey there fellow traveller. I'm Jessie.

I’m the human being behind The Badass Backpacker exploring this beautiful, badass, and incredible world. This blog is about sustainable travel, minimalist travel, and meaningful travel.  It’s about leaving a positive impact on the places I visit, all on a budget.
 I’ve traveled 26 countries by
  • backpacking
  • working on farms (WWOOF)
  • making money with odd jobs (Workaway)
  • couchsurfing for free accommodation and making friends
  • hitchhiking
  • teaching english

I am passionate about traveling with a sense of freedom and spontaneity. I like to travel without a detailed itinerary outlining every minute. Travel is more meaningful when you are more spontaneous and look beneath the ‘top 10’ things to do.

 I’m passionate about unusual places because I know that travelers can positively impact local communities by being environmentally and socially conscious. Cities are being crushed from the impact of too much tourism and this is an issue that should not be overlooked in a travelers quest for an adventurous trip. 

Have you ever thought any of these to yourself?

  • “I can’t never afford to travel for more than a week at a time, it’s seems so expensive!”
  • “I want to travel more but I want the little known destinations, something authentic – more than a classic getaway to Paris or London!”
  • “Planning takes so much time  – I don’t have the time or energy to plan for a big trip right now.”
  • “I want to see so many things on one trip but I just don’t have enough time!”

If any of these have ever crossed your mind, you’ve come to the right place.

To help you have a more simple, hassle-free trip I create thorough destination guides so you can have experiences worth talking about! This site has tested and proven guides for budget travel and solo travel. I also care deeply about traveling more sustainably, mindfully, and minimalist. I share travel stories so you know exactly what it’s like before you go. Spend less time overwhelmed by tons and tons of information on the web and more time out there, exploring.

A Curious Adventurer from the Beginning

My love of travel began with my grandmother. From the age of 12 she began taking me on trips abroad – first to the Netherlands, then Berlin, Paris and London. She taught me to love learning, to be adventurous, and curious about art and culture. 

Since those adventures with my grandmother I’ve hitchhiked through Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic, walked a cat in Ljubljana and Couchsurfed in places I couldn’t believe were free(i.e. a house in the heart of Prague with an outdoor pool!). I studied farming and sustainable living in France and Italy, and learned to make a 6-hr Moroccan couscous on a permaculture farm. I’ve WWOOF-ed, WorkAway-ed, and thumbed rides through some of the greatest difficulties and wildest adventures of my life – with no regrets.

The Badass Backpacker: Why Do I Travel?

Traveling has taught me the most important things in life are sharing experiences and laughter with people. Traveling has taught me about the importance of being authentic and how to be resourceful. This world is crazy, and traveling forces you to getting out of your comfort zone, have the awesomest experiences, the biggest laughs and greatest challenges.

Traveling is about deep conversations, breathtaking discoveries and all the mega ups and downs. It’s about moving slowly and mindfully, with intention, through each crazy cool and sometimes not-so-freaking-amazing adventure. Going out of my comfort zone to explore new places and talk to strangers, to hear stories and share my own makes me more empathetic, humble and conscious.  

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Places I’ve Been

but whose counting?

What the heck even are countries?? They are a social construct wrapped up in cultural divisions, historical quests for power and patriarchal ideals that undermine equality, universal human rights and environmental conservation. Countries create division between peoples, they lack humanity and understanding. We are one earth family, connected by nature and zillions of other beings. Our cultures, ancestry, governments and economies are intertwined. We must work to break down barriers, not build borders. But because it’s simple and relatable here’s the countries I’m grateful to have explored.


Start Planning Your Next Incredible Trip