36 Greatest Coffees in Melbourne for $3.5 or Less

36 Greatest Coffees in Melbourne for $3.5 or Less

Melbourne is a city of sophisticated coffee culture. Unfortunately, that means that an affordable cup o’ joe can be hard to find. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of my go-to places for cheap coffee in Melbourne. These spots are low on cost but high on quality – it’s nearly impossible to find a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne!

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How did coffee get here?

Melbourne’s espresso culture began more than half a century ago. Coffee first arrived in Australia way back in 1788 with the first sailing fleets from Britain. 

What makes Melbourne’s coffee so good?

Melbourne is truly on the cutting edge of sustainable sourcing and creative roasting and brewing. Most cafes offer specialized single origin espresso as well as tasteful filter-style brews. Many also offer vegan milk options like soy or almond for about 50 cents extra.

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How to save money at Melbourne cafés

Its hard to resist these welcoming atmosphere and delicious brews. Luckily there are a few ways to enjoy a specialty coffee without breaking the bank! 

Bring your own cup

In many situations you receive a 20-50 cent discount for bringing your own mug or thermos. Not only does this minimize your personal spending but you’re also minimizing waste —it’s win-win.

Download an App

The Skip App is a handy way to pay for drinks in advance. Place your order in the App, input your arrival time, and pay online with your credit card. Cafés that have just enrolled run promotions and half-priced coffees for new app customers. 

Without further ado, below are my favorite cheap coffee shops in Melbourne. To be consistent, all drinks are priced for a small Flat White.

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  1. Cafe Royale (Royal Parade, Parkville)
  2. Entrecote (Collins Street, CBD)


  1. Walkers Doughnuts (Melbourne Central, CBD)


  1. Piccolo Mensa (QV Shopping Center, CBD)
  2. Cafe del Corso (Flinders Lane, CBD)
  3. Centro Espresso Caffe (Flinders Lane, CBD)
  4. Sargon (Bourke Street, CBD)
  5. Sapid Cafe (Alfred Road, South Melbourne)


  1. Urban Fox (Melbourne Central, CBD)
  2. Higher Ground (Lt Bourke Street, CBD)
  3. Code 21 (Brunswick Road, Brunswick East)


  1. BlueBag (Bourke Street, CBD)
  2. BlueBag (Collins Street, CBD)
  3. BlueBag (Freshwater Place, Southbank)
  4. Edamama (Collins Street, Docklands)
  5. Billy Barista (Bourke Street, Docklands)
  6. Carlton Canteen (Lygon Street, Carlton North)
  7. Grinders Coffee (Lygon Street, Carlton)
  8. Café La Colline (Commercial Road, South Yarra)
  9. SOS Cafe (Toorak Road, South Yarra)
  10. West 48 (Essex Street, Footscray)


  1. Mamma Mia (Goldsborough Lane, CBD)
  2. Doughboys Doughnuts (Bourke Street, CBD)
  3. Koffi Bar (Clarendon Center, South Melbourne)


  1. Streat (Melbourne Central, CBD)
  2. Basil with Thyme (Williams Street, CBD)
  3. Workers Food Room (Little Lonsdale Street, CBD)
  4. Cafenatics (QV Shopping Center, CBD)
  5. Milky Joe’s (QV Shopping Center, CBD)
  6. Fields (QV Shopping Center, CBD)
  7. Souperman (QV Shopping Center, CBD)
  8. Terrace Deli (Lt Collins Street, CBD)
  9. Dotspot (Bourke Street, CBD)
  10. Shed Cafe (Clarendon Street, South Wharf)
  11. Animal Orchestra (Grattan Street, Carlton)
  12. Small Graces (Byron Street, Footscray)

I hope you check out these delicious and affordable cafés.

Where is your favorite place to get coffee? Let me know in the comments!

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